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Love this place great food and service. Restaurant ambiance was nice big open space. Definitely get the assorted intestines for a bit if everything and then fried rice after. Absolutely love the dumplings all hand made!
Noelle P.
Reston, VA

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Favourite place to get kbbq in nova.

Favourite place to get kbbq in nova. Not just intestine but their beef and pork is on point

Daniel L.
Malden, MA

I didn't think anything could beat the one in NY

I didn’t think anything could beat the one in NY or the one in Annandale, especially bc the annandale one took a couple months to get really good. but damn this one is just built different literally. the restaurant’s interior itself was really chic and clean. we got seated right away into this little room nook in the corner which was really nice. we got 2 of the large assorted combos with the beef tartare and fried rice. also got some alcohol too. usually at the other locations, they bring it out 75% cooked and have it cooked fully in front of you but they brought it out basically fully cooked which meant we could eat it right away. the food was 1000/10 but so was the service. the lady we had was so attentive and made sure we had everything we needed and wanted. she came around to check on us every 5-10 minutes ¬†overall i’m so glad they made a new location in centreville bc i will be coming here every week now LOL

Jenny P.
Annandale, VA

Get this place on the map!

¬†Beautiful restaurant with a great ambiance. Had my first pleasant gopchang experience here. Something about having it served hot, on a cast iron grill, with all the fixings, including fried rice cake- did me in! Meat was fantastic, specifically the THICK pork belly and beef brisket. Don’t forget to try their beef brisket spicy stew

Joanna O.
Fairfax, VA

Great place if you're looking for some yummy intestines!

Great place if you’re looking for some yummy intestines! We got the small & large intestines and some beef short ribs. Intestines were very flavorful with the garlic powder they put but I just wish they could make it crispier. Many people would probably like it as is but I prefer it to be on the crunchy side. Staff were attentive and interior was cozy/inviting. I would def come again!

Sabrina P.
Gaithersburg, MD